Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clowns, Elephants, Tigers, Acrobats, and More....

Tonight we went to The Greatest Show On Earth!
This was Caitlin's first circus experience.  Mommy and Daddy can't remember the last time they went to the circus.  Caitlin has seen some of the commercials and was excited to see the elephants, but not the tigers.  We told her the tigers would be in a cage, but she didn't care.  Caitlin's eyes lit up as we walked inside the TCC arena and she saw the lights and clowns.  Caitlin kept asking what the clowns were doing. She thought they were rather silly.  After we bought our food and drinks, we were ready for the show to start.
Daddy and Caitlin ready for the show

Mommy and Caitlin (The show started just as Daddy snapped the photo making Caitlin look away)

The show started with the Ring Master singing the Star Spangled Banner.
Next came the opening where Caitlin couldn't stop clapping her hands and decide which act to look at! Caitlin's excitement was contagious!  Mommy and Daddy were impressed with circus from the start.  The lighting made it difficult to capture great pictures, but Mommy did her best!  Enjoy the show! 

Elephants paraded around during the opening of the show

Next came horses and zebras

This elepant was used to pull two heavy pieces of wood for one of the acts

Funny clowns on a BIG bicycle

This guy worried Mommy and Daddy the most.  He walked on the inside and outside of this ring while it moved in a circle.  Mommy and Daddy were most nervous when the guy tried to jump rope while the ring was in motion.

Popcorn for an intermission treat!  Caitlin was eating popcorn and trying to smile at the same time.

The stairs are a perfect place to stretch and dance!

As the second part of the circus started, this was Caitlin's reaction when she saw the...........

Tigers in the cage!

Tigers are just BIG cats!

This tiger danced to tbe beat with his trainer

The aerial acrobats were amazing and strong!

This man was lit on fire and then flew through the air!  Pretty impressive!

Time for the elephants to perform

Elephants standing tall

Elephants dancing

The elephants turned in circles on their little platforms

Elephants sitting up!

Elephants finale!

Dancing to the music while watching the show

These acrobats knew how to bounce

Acrobats playing basketball

Daddy and Caitlin at the end of the show!

Mommy and Caitlin enjoyed the show!

Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen for a special treat!  What a fantastic family night!

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