Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleepover at Allison's

Daddy is in Las Vegas for the weekend at a basketball tournament and Mommy had a bridal shower today and Bunco tonight which means Caitlin got to play all day and night with Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, and Allison!  The girls couldn't wait for their sleepover.  Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie had plenty planned to keep the girls busy and tire them out so they would sleep through the night.  Mommy called periodically to check on how Caitlin was doing.  Thanks to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny for taking pictures so Mommy would know all the fun they had!  The girls played, baked cookies, went to the race track (Caitlin's 1st time), made sure every toy in the house was out, and they slept through the night!  A BIG THANK YOU to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny for taking care of Caitlin and babysitting!  Enjoy the photos from their sleepover. 
Riding in Allison's jeep with Annie close by

Enjoying lunch - Notice they both are drinking at the same time.  These girls love to do everything together.

Helping bring in the groceries

Little bakers

Cookie cutter fun

Uncle Kenny and his baker girls

Although this photo is blurry, the girls' faces are priceless

Excited on their way to the race track

Allison fell asleep on the way and Caitlin is holding her hand

Caitlin wore her ear plugs with no problem.  Uncle Kenny teaching her the ins and outs of the races

It rained at the track and this is the girls ready to go home

This is how the girls looked before they got home.  The race track is only minutes away from Uncle Kenny's house.

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