Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ready or Not San Diego....Here we come!

San Diego Day 1: Settling into our Condo and Beach Time!
Uncle Paul and Grandpa came over at 3:30am to help load the truck for our trip!  We were on the road by 4am and ready to hit the beach!  For some people they would say it's too early to travel at that time, but it allows us to travel during the cooler part of the day through the desert.  We ate breakfast at our usual spot, Denny's in Yuma. 
Caitlin entertained us during breakfast with her spoon tricks!

After breakfast we continued down I-10 to our next stop, the Golden Acorn Casino.  It's a cool spot for a bathroom break.  Afterwards we headed straight to our condo. We called to see if we could check in early and we were happy when the answer was, "yes."  After we unloaded the truck and settled in, Caitlin wasted no time and was ready to hit the beach.  She told us to get our swimsuits on because it was time to go play in the waves.  We all listened to Caitlin and got ready for the beach.  Caitlin grabbed one of the boogie boards and said, "Come on surfers, let's go!"
Little surfer girl in the elevator 

Walking to the beach

Checking out the waves with Daddy

Looking back and smiling at Mommy before beginning to surf

Little Surfer Caitlin

Practicing her surfing positions

"Come on Mommy. Try this it's fun!"

Ready to brave the waves by herself

Caitlin and her favorite Hurley boys, Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul

Taking Grandpa into the waves

Running from the waves

Surfer girl posed for Mommy all afternoon

Caitlin taking Grandpa and Uncle Paul to test out the waves

Her favorite part: jumping over the waves

Taking Mommy and Daddy into the waves

Being carried over the water is the best

After beach time. we went to the condo's pool.  It's a great way to feel refreshed and get the sand off of us. In the photo below notice that Caitlin isn't wearing her floaties.  She is ready swim like a big girl and is doing great! 
Pool Time!

After swimming we all got ready for dinner.  We decided to eat Pizza and Salad out.  After dinner we went to the grocery store for a few items.  What a jam packed day full of travel and beach fun!  We can't wait to see what the next week has in store for us! 
She told Daddy to take her picture at dinner!

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