Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two carousels, a train, birds, shopping, swimming and a BBQ all in one day!

San Diego Day 5: Seaport Village, Balboa Park, Swimming, and a BBQ
Today was another fun filled day in San Diego.  We started our day at Seaport Village.  Caitlin loves the carousel and so that is what we did first.  Afterwards, we walked through the shops and various booths that were set up.  We then ate lunch at the Pier Cafe.  The Cafe has the best calamari and yummy clam chowder in a bread bowl.  Caitlin enjoyed being able to watch the variety of boats and jet skis during lunch.  We even saw a Pirate Ship pass by and we decided to try the pirate ship tomorrow!
Caitlin is ready to ride

Posing for Uncle Paul

"Yee haw"

Ready to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish

Caitlin's first experience holding a bird.  This bird's name was Tweety.

Tweety liked Caitlin

Caitlin didn't mind holding the birds.  She wanted to pet them too.  This bird was name Summit.

Mommy decided to hold a bird too, but doesn't remember the bird's name

Caitlin posing with a giant lobster

After shopping and our yummy lunch, we headed towards Balboa Prak to ride another caorusel and a little train. 
Caitlin and Mommy pretending to be airplanes in the grass before riding the carousel

Daddy and Caitlin enjoying their second carousel of the day

After the carousel it was time to ride the train!  Caitlin rode this train for the first time when she was just 4 months old.  Click here to see how different she look three years ago.

Ready to ride with a panda bear

Mommy is ready to ride too!  Notice in this photo Caitlin is using the panda's arm as a seatbelt.

Hugging the panda as the ride begins

Caitlin tells everyone to put their hands up on the ride

After the train ride, Caitlin and Daddy decided to race each other.  Look at the photos below to see who won the races. 
On your mark, get set, go!

Caitlin wins!

After the races, Caitlin enjoyed a piggyback ride back to the car.

We then went home for a little nap.  Caitlin fell asleep in the car on the way back to the condo.  We rested up for an afternoon of swimming and a BBQ with Gracie, Nolan, Joe, and Jodi. 
Caitlin and Nolan

Trying to catch a photo with all three cousins looking at the camera isn't that easy.

After we ate our yummy dinner, the girls watched movies while the adults played cards.  While watching the movie, Caitlin decided she was going to comb Gracie's hair.  We all smiled as Gracie didn't even seem to mind that Caitlin at times was simply just holding her hair.

Nolan didn't care what we did.  He happily slept in the bed during the movies and card games.

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