Sunday, July 31, 2011

Future softball player?

Mommy has a big training that she will be giving this upcoming week so while she studied her notes and script, Daddy and Caitlin played outside.  Caitlin wanted to play with her bat and ball.  A few minutes later, Daddy and Caitlin went to the store to find a tee.  Grandpa and Uncle Paul came over to see their future softball player.  Caitlin played outside for a couple hours and had fun practicing hitting the ball.  Daddy was impressed with Caitlin as she was able to hit the ball left handed and right handed.  Caitlin talked about playing softball the rest of the night!
Next batter up, Caitlin

Practicing her swing

Making sure everyone is watching before she swings

Action shot of Caitlin hitting the ball

Follow through after hitting the ball

Switch hitter

Taking a water break

Refreshed and ready to play more

Taking a break on the grass.  Mommy loves this photo because Caitlin is posing similar to the garden statues in the background.

Being silly in the yard after swinging

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