Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alligator Fun!

Caitlin and Allison can't get enough of pool time!  Today they couldn't wait to go swimming with Daddy/Uncle Ben.  Today we added another fun bonus to the pool, a large alligator raft that Poppy bought the girls.  The alligator raft was a hit in the pool.  The girls had fun riding the alligator, rocking it from side to side, and falling off into the water.  Caitlin also had fun jumping off the diving board and practicing cheerleader moves in the pool.  Allison likes floating around the pool and singing the fun swimming songs.  Today was a perfect day for the pool.  Thanks to Poppy for the fun new pool toy!
The raft is perfect for two!

Rocking the alligator back and forth

Caitlin liked laying like this and moving her arms in the water to make the alligator move

Just floating around

Caitlin being silly wearing her Daddy's hat

Allison and Uncle Ben jumping off the diving board together

Caitlin diving all by herself

Practicing cheerleader poses

Go Team!

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