Wednesday, July 6, 2011


San Diego Day 2: Legoland
We decided to visit Legoland today.  It was a first for all of us.  We were only about a half hour away.  The wait to get into the parking lot was long, but the park was not very busy.  We arrived at the park at 10am when it opened and left the park at 8pm when it closed.  Caitlin did great!  She had fun riding the rides and seeing everything made out of legos.  The rides are perfect for little ones.  The park was bigger than we imagined, but we were able to ride 17 rides in just 10 hours.   
While waiting for the rides, there are play areas with legos for the kids.  Caitlin liked building towers.

A monkey watching us while waiting for the Safari Ride

Caitlin driving Uncle Paul in the zebra jeep

Zebras made from legos (the photo doesn't do them justice)

Daddy caught Mommy filming during the ride

Mommy, Uncle Paul, Grandpa, and Caitlin waiting for Daddy to get off the ride

Driving a lego police car in honor of Aunt Stacie

Mommy and Caitlin posing with a a Lego tourist

Daddy and Caitlin ready to ride a pirate ship

Grandpa and Caitlin enjoying a churro

Caitlin in a lego shark's mouth

Grandpa in the shark's mouth

Caitlin driving the boat in Skipper School

"Hi Mommy!"

Daddy. Caitlin, and Uncle Paul ready to ride the Splash Battle. Caitlin couldn't wait to shoot water at people.
Grandpa and Uncle Paul having fun shooting the water at Mommy

Daddy and Caitlin happy at the end of the ride. Daddy got soaked!

Four Hurley Pirates!

Caitlin ready to fly the plane with Daddy

During lunch Caitlin had fun making friends and playing around the post

Mommy and Caitlin ready to ride!  The more we pedal the faster the ride goes. (This was the longest we had to wait for a ride)

Family photo attempt on the Fairytale ride, but Caitlin was too distracted.

The Three Little Pigs all made out of legos

One of the lands in Legoland is titled, Miniland U.S.A.  It is different replicas of cities made completed out of legos.
Las Vegas, lego style

The Capitol with the Washington Monument in the background.  The little band in the front marched and played music.  Again, all of this is out of legos!

Caitlin loved Miniland U.S.A.

Playing the fishing game with Grandpa

Taking her catch off the hook

Little Aviator Caitlin!  Daddy had to beat the other kids so Caitlin could ride the wooden plane!

Caitlin and her favorite Hurley boys pretending to shoot at Mommy

Caitlin and Daddy ready to ride!  Daddy looks like a giant next to all the little kids!

Caitlin and Daddy kept their hands up the whole time.  If you look closely you can see the girl next to Caitlin staring at Daddy.

Mommy, Daddy, and Caitlin posing with Chewbacca, R2D2, and Darth Vader (all made out of legos, of course)
The last ride of the evening was the train ride where Caitlin was the engineer and drove the train.

Uncle Paul inside a lego lion

Mommy inside the lego lion

Family photo at the end of our fantastic day!

Caitlin fell asleep almost before we left the parking lot.  When we got home we went to put her in her jammies and she woke up enough to take a quick bath!  What a great day we had!  Caitlin went to sleep right away to rest up for Sea World tomorrow with Gracie and Nolan!

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