Friday, July 8, 2011

Beach during the day, Old Town and ice cream at night!

San Diego Day 4: Beach time and Old Town
Today we decided to relax at the beach since we have been busy that past two days!  We slept in and enjoyed a lazy morning.  Caitlin couldn't wait to get back to the beach to play in the sand and water!  Gracie, Nolan, Jodi, and Joe met us for a fun afternoon at the beach.  Mommy realized after she was down at the beach that her camera battery was almost dead so unfortunately there aren't as many beach pictures as Mommy hoped for. 
"I'm ready to go to the beach and dig in the sand!"

Little Beach Bum

Running from the waves

After beach time, we went swimming in the pool.  The kids had a blast in the pool.  We then went back to our condo to freshen up and get ready for dinner at Old Town.
Caitlin and Uncle Paul played Go Fish while waiting for everyone to get ready

Caitlin telling Uncle Paul to "Go Fish!"

Caitlin fell asleep on the way to Old Town and slept while the adults ate dinner.  She did wake up in time to enjoy her dinner and was then ready to walk through Old Town. 
Our little tour guide showing us the way

Caitlin loves trying on the big hats

Caitlin's favorite big tree in Old Town

The Hurley family in front of Caitlin's favorite tree

Uncle Paul and Caitlin

Caitlin sitting in her favorite tree

Practicing to shoot the cannon like the pirates

After walking around Old Town we ended our night at Cold Stone Creamery.  Mommy must have enjoyed her ice cream too much because she didn't take any photos of our yummy ice cream treats!  It was a delicious treat to end our great day!  We got back to the condo just in time to watch the Sea World fireworks from the roof of our condo!

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