Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Summer Days

While Nana and Poppy our on vacation in Ireland, we help babysit Allison.  Caitlin loves having her best friend spend the day with us.  The girls are very close and have a blast together.  Today was a typical Summer day at our house.  After Caitlin's dance class, we ate lunch, and then went swimming.  Caitlin and Allison love swimming together.  We sing songs in the pool, jump off the diving board, and splash as much as possible.  AFter swimming, the girls like to jump on the trampoline or swing.  Today while swinging, it started to rain.  There wasn't any lightening or thunder so the girls had fun swinging in the rain.  When we came inside, the girls enjoyed a bubble bath and then were ready for a nap.  Today the girls wanted to sleep in Caitlin's bed for nap time. After a few moments of playing in the bed, the girls fell fast asleep.  What a great Summer Day!  When the girls woke, we went to dinner and Uncle Kenny and Nina Nina Dia joined us.  We then went to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie.  What a great way to end our fabulous Summer day!   
Caitlin and Allison singing the alligator song at the pool

Ready, set, jump Allison!

Happy to swing all by herself

Swinging in the rain is fun!

Too tired little girls (Allison is to the right of the sock monkey, also known as Chango)

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