Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Never too many books!

Caitlin and Allison LOVE books!  This makes Nana very proud.  Often Nana finds the girls reading to each other or reading to their dollies in Caitlin's room.  Today when Nana walked in this is what she found..........

The girls made themselves a comfy reading spot and were reading as many books as they could!  Let's hope this love of reading stays with them forever!  Now go grab a book and read!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Sleepover

Tonight Allison stayed over at our house.  Daddy was in Las Vegas, Uncle Kenny was racing, and all the girls in the family were out celebrating Cousin Amie's 21st birthday!  Mommy had her favorite girls all to herself.  Mommy counted this as practice for when our 2nd baby is here.  The girls had a blast playing together.  Caitlin slept in her toddler bed, while Allison slept in the play pen.  Aunt Stacie bet Mommy $20 that she would get this sleeping arrangement to work.  Mommy bathed the girls and treated bathtime like any other night.  After putting on jammies, combing hair, and brushing teeth, the girls were in their beds and ready for storytime.  After 2 books, the girls were fast asleep.  They slept all night and didn't wake up until the morning.  When the girls are older, Mommy is going to remind them of this peaceful and easy going sleepover!  Here's to more sleepovers in the future!!
Best friends and cousins ready for their first sleepover!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Stacie!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Aunt Stacie!
We celebrated Aunt Stacie's birthday with dinner tonight made by Uncle Kenny!  Aunt Stacie didn't know we were coming over so it was a surprise when we rang the doorbell.  We hope you had a great day Aunt Stacie and we hope you have a fabulous year!  We loved celebrating with you!

Aunt Stacie and her favorite girls

Allison and Caitlin are the best candle blowers in the family!

Zoo fun with Daddy and Uncle Paul

Daddy and Uncle Paul both had the day off today so it was a perfect day to go to the Zoo!  Mommy was quite jealous that she had to work and couldn't join us!  Caitlin loved seeing all the animals, talking to them, and taking photos of them.
Thumbs up for the tall giraffes

A photo of a Rhino resting of course!

Getting up close and personal with the peacocks

Pointing out the flamingos to Uncle Paul

Caitlin and her Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul and Caitlin pretending to be flamingos

The jaguars were quite awake and talkative.  They were making loud sounds and wanted to be noticed.

Ending the visit zoo visit with a churro is the best! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Caitlin's 3rd birthday party

Caitlin's Princess Pizza Party
at Peter Piper Pizza was a success!  Caitlin couldn't wait to play all the games, win tickets, and ride the carousel!  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came to help us celebrate.
90 year old G.G. enjoyed watching all the fun at the party

Nana, Nina Nina Dia, and cousin Garrett had fun too!

The birthday girl walking in to her party!  She was so excited!

Grandpa Corkey and cousin Rick from Mississippi

Mommy and Elisa

Bowling for tickets before the pizza was ready.  We lucked out because no tickets were coming out of the machine and Mommy had scored some high points.  When we told a worker, he fixed the machine and tickets started coming out.  250 TICKETS came out!  Woohoo!  A great start to the party!

One of Caitlin's favorite games is the jump rope game.  She loves jumping over the red line.

It's Pizza Time!

Caitlin and Jackson

Uncle Kenny, Allison, and Aunt Stacie

Big girl taking her shoes off by herself before playing on the slides

Little helicopter pilot

This was Allison's first trip to Peter Piper Pizza

Little driver, Allison

Disneyland has teacups, but Peter Piper has teapots! Caitlin could ride this all day!

While singing "Happy Birthday," Caitlin pointed to herself to remind us who the birthday girl was. 

Blowing out the princess candle

Happy Birthday Girl!

Ilana, Iden, and Celia enjoying cupcakes and ice cream.  (We usually call Celia Dr. Velenzuela as she is Mommy's doctor and is LOVED by all of us!  She was the first one to hold Caitlin when she was born!)

Nino Joe and Nina Karen

Mommy and Nina

Caught in the action of eating the yummy cupcake

Cousins and best friends having fun

Caitlin danced with the Peter Piper dinosaur

She loved that the dinosaur played her favorite song, Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies"

Leaving the party and heading home to open presents and cheer on the Wildcats!

Trying out her new pillows for her big girl bed and showing that she is a little too tired to open her presents

Allison found other uses for gift bags

Caitlin tried hiding in the gift bag

Showing off her new jammies

Caitlin was ready for a pillow fight, but Grammy Linda didn't have a pillow to use

Caitlin did her best to try reading her birthday cards

Thinking about what she can buy with the money she received

Showing off her new tutu

Practicing her ballet poses

Thanks to Nina Nina Dia for the new doll babies

After opening presents it was time to jump on the trampoline in her new tutu.  Notice she has her new baby sister doll with her too.

Enjoying snacks outside

Taking her new baby sister for a walk