Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Sleepover

Tonight Allison stayed over at our house.  Daddy was in Las Vegas, Uncle Kenny was racing, and all the girls in the family were out celebrating Cousin Amie's 21st birthday!  Mommy had her favorite girls all to herself.  Mommy counted this as practice for when our 2nd baby is here.  The girls had a blast playing together.  Caitlin slept in her toddler bed, while Allison slept in the play pen.  Aunt Stacie bet Mommy $20 that she would get this sleeping arrangement to work.  Mommy bathed the girls and treated bathtime like any other night.  After putting on jammies, combing hair, and brushing teeth, the girls were in their beds and ready for storytime.  After 2 books, the girls were fast asleep.  They slept all night and didn't wake up until the morning.  When the girls are older, Mommy is going to remind them of this peaceful and easy going sleepover!  Here's to more sleepovers in the future!!
Best friends and cousins ready for their first sleepover!

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