Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caitlin turns 3 today!

Happy 3rd Birthday Caitlin!
 Three years ago today we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Caitlin!  She is our spunky, little toddler that we can't imagine life without!  We started her birthday with breakfast at Tony's. 
 The birthday girl ready for breakfast

 Happy that Uncle Paul joined us for breakfast

 Birthday breakfast: french toast with strawberries and whip cream and eggs

After breakfast, we went to Toys R' Us to see what presents Caitlin might want for her birthday.  She loves shopping!  As we walked through the store she pointed out various items, but only really held on to one in particular.
 Trying out her umbrella in the store and checking out the Hot Wheels!

 Riding in the car with Mickey makes our shopping trip complete!

 Caitlin teaching us that umbrellas can be used on sunny days too!
After shopping, Mommy and Caitlin went home to grab our swimsuits and then head to the hotel where Rick, Debra, and Patrick were staying.  We couldn't wait to go swimming.  The weather was perfect.  What a great birthday so far for little Miss Caitlin.

 Posing for a swimsuit shot before swimming

 Just hanging out in the pool having fun!

Taking a break from swimming to enjoy a happy meal:)

 Having fun with Patrick

Caitlin loved jumping in the water and having Patrick catch her

You can bet that we went home after swimming and took a nice long nap!  Tonight we will celebrate Nina Nina's 75th birthday and we can't wait!  Tomorrow is Caitlin's birthday party!

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