Sunday, July 31, 2011

Future softball player?

Mommy has a big training that she will be giving this upcoming week so while she studied her notes and script, Daddy and Caitlin played outside.  Caitlin wanted to play with her bat and ball.  A few minutes later, Daddy and Caitlin went to the store to find a tee.  Grandpa and Uncle Paul came over to see their future softball player.  Caitlin played outside for a couple hours and had fun practicing hitting the ball.  Daddy was impressed with Caitlin as she was able to hit the ball left handed and right handed.  Caitlin talked about playing softball the rest of the night!
Next batter up, Caitlin

Practicing her swing

Making sure everyone is watching before she swings

Action shot of Caitlin hitting the ball

Follow through after hitting the ball

Switch hitter

Taking a water break

Refreshed and ready to play more

Taking a break on the grass.  Mommy loves this photo because Caitlin is posing similar to the garden statues in the background.

Being silly in the yard after swinging

Haircut day

Caitlin's hair had gotten pretty long and we decided it was time for a trim.  Caitlin couldn't wait to see Barbara for a haircut.  Caitlin sat in the chair like a big girl.  Mommy asked if Caitlin wanted her to stand be her or sit down.  Caitlin told Mommy to sit with Daddy in the lobby.  She loved getting her haircut and having a conversation with Barbara.  Today we had 4 1/2 inches cut off!  Caitlin loves her new hairdo and Mommy and Daddy love how healthy Caitlin's hair looks!  Enjoy the before and after photos!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alligator Fun!

Caitlin and Allison can't get enough of pool time!  Today they couldn't wait to go swimming with Daddy/Uncle Ben.  Today we added another fun bonus to the pool, a large alligator raft that Poppy bought the girls.  The alligator raft was a hit in the pool.  The girls had fun riding the alligator, rocking it from side to side, and falling off into the water.  Caitlin also had fun jumping off the diving board and practicing cheerleader moves in the pool.  Allison likes floating around the pool and singing the fun swimming songs.  Today was a perfect day for the pool.  Thanks to Poppy for the fun new pool toy!
The raft is perfect for two!

Rocking the alligator back and forth

Caitlin liked laying like this and moving her arms in the water to make the alligator move

Just floating around

Caitlin being silly wearing her Daddy's hat

Allison and Uncle Ben jumping off the diving board together

Caitlin diving all by herself

Practicing cheerleader poses

Go Team!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Storytime, Pizza, and Games

Today was the last storytime at the library until September.  Today's topic was desert animals.  A docent from the Desert Museum brought animals today and took the kids on an imaginery walk through the desert.  The girls listened intently and enjoyed seeing the animals.  Caitlin and Allison escpecially liked the tortoise and ringtail cat because they were able to pet them. 
Caitlin and Allison paying close attention as the docent described the animals

Caitlin and Allison pretending to be birds in the desert.  Notice Allison's fashion statement with one sock pulled all the way up.

Caitlin petting the ringtail cat

After storytime, we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese to play games and have lunch.  Nina Nina Dia met us to join in the fun!  They were so excited to play games.  The girls had fun winning tickets.  After they played for awhile, the girls said they were hungry and they sat down and ate their lunch.  We then played a little more, turned in our tickets and brought home some prizes.  After Chuck E. Cheese we headed home for nap time! 
The girls playing guitar hero

Flying the helicopter

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last dance class of the Summer

Today was Caitlin's last dance class of the Summer.  Daddy took her while Mommy stayed home with Allison.  Daddy said that Caitlin did great today!  Caitlin loves dance class and is excited to take dance again in the Fall.  Enjoy the photos from her last class of the Summer.
Waiting for instructions from Miss Megan

So fun to watch yourself dance in the mirror

Circle time!

Happy to show her lollipop to Daddy after class

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let It Rain!

We had a great monsoon rain this afternoon!  GG was over visiting and we enjoyed watching it pour outside.  When the rain settled down to just a drizzle, we walked GG back home.  Caitlin couldn't wait to use her princess umbrella.  She even posed for a picture in the rain.  In the photo you can see how much rain we got in just a short hour!  We love the rain and Caitlin loves playing in it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleepover at Allison's

Daddy is in Las Vegas for the weekend at a basketball tournament and Mommy had a bridal shower today and Bunco tonight which means Caitlin got to play all day and night with Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, and Allison!  The girls couldn't wait for their sleepover.  Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie had plenty planned to keep the girls busy and tire them out so they would sleep through the night.  Mommy called periodically to check on how Caitlin was doing.  Thanks to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny for taking pictures so Mommy would know all the fun they had!  The girls played, baked cookies, went to the race track (Caitlin's 1st time), made sure every toy in the house was out, and they slept through the night!  A BIG THANK YOU to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny for taking care of Caitlin and babysitting!  Enjoy the photos from their sleepover. 
Riding in Allison's jeep with Annie close by

Enjoying lunch - Notice they both are drinking at the same time.  These girls love to do everything together.

Helping bring in the groceries

Little bakers

Cookie cutter fun

Uncle Kenny and his baker girls

Although this photo is blurry, the girls' faces are priceless

Excited on their way to the race track

Allison fell asleep on the way and Caitlin is holding her hand

Caitlin wore her ear plugs with no problem.  Uncle Kenny teaching her the ins and outs of the races

It rained at the track and this is the girls ready to go home

This is how the girls looked before they got home.  The race track is only minutes away from Uncle Kenny's house.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Summer Days

While Nana and Poppy our on vacation in Ireland, we help babysit Allison.  Caitlin loves having her best friend spend the day with us.  The girls are very close and have a blast together.  Today was a typical Summer day at our house.  After Caitlin's dance class, we ate lunch, and then went swimming.  Caitlin and Allison love swimming together.  We sing songs in the pool, jump off the diving board, and splash as much as possible.  AFter swimming, the girls like to jump on the trampoline or swing.  Today while swinging, it started to rain.  There wasn't any lightening or thunder so the girls had fun swinging in the rain.  When we came inside, the girls enjoyed a bubble bath and then were ready for a nap.  Today the girls wanted to sleep in Caitlin's bed for nap time. After a few moments of playing in the bed, the girls fell fast asleep.  What a great Summer Day!  When the girls woke, we went to dinner and Uncle Kenny and Nina Nina Dia joined us.  We then went to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie.  What a great way to end our fabulous Summer day!   
Caitlin and Allison singing the alligator song at the pool

Ready, set, jump Allison!

Happy to swing all by herself

Swinging in the rain is fun!

Too tired little girls (Allison is to the right of the sock monkey, also known as Chango)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Staycation at Tucson National

We spent our weekend at the Omni Tucson National Resort.  There was something for all of us to enjoy.  Caitlin loved the pool.  The pool has a seat all the way around the edge that Caitlin could walk on.  She thought it was the best.  Caitlin also liked that we could order drinks and food by the pool.  She quickly learned how to order drinks on her own.  Caitlin also enjoyed the large bathtub in our room.  She thought the tub was fun!  Caitlin was also brought cookies and milk at night for a snack which she was pretty excited about.  Daddy enjoyed playing golf.  He was paired up with other golfers and had a great time.  He said he, "played great!"  Mommy enjoyed a full body prenatal massage.  Mommy loved being able to lay on her belly!  There was a hold in the massage table to accomodate for Mommy's belly. Baby Hurley enjoyed the massage too!  What a fun and relaxing weekend just a few minutes from home!
Caitlin having fun in the big tub full of bubbles!

Daddy ready to play golf.  This was our view of him from our balcony.  While Daddy golfed, Mommy and Caitlin went swimming.

Caitlin drinking her "strawberry daiquiri."  Caitlin and Mommy shared virgin daiquiris at the pool which Caitlin ordered for us :)