Thursday, July 7, 2011

Full day of smiles at Sea World

San Diego Day 3: Sea World with Gracie and Nolan
After a great night of sleep Caitlin was ready for Sea World today.  She was excited that she would be with her cousins Gracie and Nolan.  When we got to the park, Shamu was walking toward his picture spot.  Caitlin ran to Shamu and was ready to pose for a picture.  We were excited that Caitlin was willing to pose for photos.
Big hug for Shamu

Caitlin and Shamu

The Hurley gang and Shamu

After posing with Shamu, Caitlin ran to the penguin and otter for more photos!
Caitlin loved hugging the penguin

The Hurley family with Ms. Penguin and Mr. Otter

We then walked towards the animal interaction area.  When we were here in May, Caitlin met a porcupine.  Today Caitlin met Bunny the Pony.  She loved that the pony was just her size.
Caitlin and Bunny the Pony

A small salt water aquarium was Caitlin's next encounter.  She loved getting close to the animals.
"Mommy come down here and look at what I see."

Posing in front of the donkey and horses. Caitlin was bummed that she couldn't ride them.

After interacting with some of the animals, we went to see the first Shamu show of the day.  They filmed the show for an upcoming commercial so look for us in the next Sea World commercial you see!  After the show we met up with Gracie and Nolan.
Caitlin pointing out to Nolan where she wants to go next on the park map

Caitlin adores her baby cousin Nolan and sometimes can't keep her little hands off of him

We had a little time before the Sea Lion and Otter show so we stopped to feed the sea lions.
Daddy. Caitlin, and the fish food

Caitlin and Gracie posing with the sea lion

Joe, Gracie, Daddy, Caitlin, and Grandpa sitting in the splash zone of the Sea Lion and Otter Show

Jodi, Nolan, and Mommy sat a few rows behind so they wouldn't get soaked

Next stop, Turtle Reef.  This is the newest exhibit at Sea World and it was pretty busy.  The girls loved seeing the turtles swim right by them.
Gracie pointing out the turtles to Caitlin

Caitlin posing for her Uncle Paul on a turtle sculpture in the sand

Caitlin posing with the turtle!  Mommy just loved how willing Caitlin was to pose for pictures.

It was time for a little snack after visiting the turtles.  Shamu ice cream was on the girls' list for a snack.  It's a perfect snack on a warm San Diego day.
Caitlin showing Mommy her Shamu ice cream.  Right after this picture was snapped, some of the ice cream dropped to the floor because it was melting so quickly.

Caitlin enjoying her nice cold treat!

Mommy, Joe, and the two girls enjoying the shade.  Three generations of Carrillos are in this photo!

Caitlin helped feed Nolan his bottle during snack time.  She is practicing to be a big sister and loved helping with Nolan.

Next Stop, the Elmo movie.  Caitlin had been waiting all morning for this.  This was Gracie's first time seeing the movie and she wasn't too sure about the 3D glasses at first.
Caitlin pointing to the screen and ready with her glasses.

After the movie, we enjoyed lunch and a little relaxation time.
Daddy and Joe ushing their girls in the strollers on the way to lunch!

After lunch, we saw Pets' Rule.  This is definitely Caitlin's favorite show of all.  She loves to sing to the music at the beginning, "Who let the dogs out...." and clap to the beat.  After the show she waits patiently to pet some of the animals of the show.  We then went to visit the penguins.  The boys were then ready to ride Atlantis and get wet.  Jodi and Mommy did their best to keep the girls entertained while waiting for the boys to ride!  Churros and cheerios help do the trick for part of the time.  Caitlin was just short of the height requirement and was bummed she couldn't ride.  Next year, she'll definitely be riding!
The girls watching for their daddies to come down the big water slide in their boat.

Here they come!  Uncle Paul and Grandpa are in the front with Daddy and Joe right behind!  Uncle Paul has his hands up!

Happy riders enjoying the cool water!  Little did they know that they would get more wet as the ride went on.

The girls with the soaked boys after the ride!

Next it was time for the girls to ride their rides.  We went to the Sesame Play area and had fun!
Daddy and Caitlin on Elmo's Flying Fish

Caitlin posed with Elmo and Cookie Monster!  Caitlin asked Cookie Monster if he had any cookies when she met him.

Caitlin ready to climb the rope obstacle course!  She had Daddy join her!

If you look closely in the photo you'll see Caitlin is sticking her belly out to make herself big in the funny mirror.

Can't go to Sea World without playing some of the fun games!  Caitlin loves the game where she gets to hit the animals with a big hammer.  Mommy and Caitlin played against each other and Caitlin won!

After dinner it was time for the last show of the evening, Shamu Rocks and fireworks!

Caitlin with Uncle Paul and Daddy before the show!  Who looks the most tired to you?

Nolan was asleep at the beginning, but was the only kid who made it through the whole Shamu show and fireworks show.

Caitlin fought hard to stay awake, but just couldn't do it!  She slept through part of the Shamu show and the fireworks show!  She knows we are in San Diego for the week and she'll be able to see the firewroks on another night!

What a great day!  Three little ones with 6 adults and no major meltdowns!  A BIG thanks to Joe and Jodi for joining us for a day of fun at Sea World!

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