Sunday, July 17, 2011

Staycation at Tucson National

We spent our weekend at the Omni Tucson National Resort.  There was something for all of us to enjoy.  Caitlin loved the pool.  The pool has a seat all the way around the edge that Caitlin could walk on.  She thought it was the best.  Caitlin also liked that we could order drinks and food by the pool.  She quickly learned how to order drinks on her own.  Caitlin also enjoyed the large bathtub in our room.  She thought the tub was fun!  Caitlin was also brought cookies and milk at night for a snack which she was pretty excited about.  Daddy enjoyed playing golf.  He was paired up with other golfers and had a great time.  He said he, "played great!"  Mommy enjoyed a full body prenatal massage.  Mommy loved being able to lay on her belly!  There was a hold in the massage table to accomodate for Mommy's belly. Baby Hurley enjoyed the massage too!  What a fun and relaxing weekend just a few minutes from home!
Caitlin having fun in the big tub full of bubbles!

Daddy ready to play golf.  This was our view of him from our balcony.  While Daddy golfed, Mommy and Caitlin went swimming.

Caitlin drinking her "strawberry daiquiri."  Caitlin and Mommy shared virgin daiquiris at the pool which Caitlin ordered for us :)

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