Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bay during the day and Seaport Village at night

Day 5: Playing by the bay during the day and fun at Seaport Village at night

Mommy called Nana this morning to see how Caitlin's night went. Nana told Mommy that Caitlin never asked for Mommy or Daddy.  Caitlin slept in Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie's room to have a sleep over.  They played a movie for Caitlin on their computer, but Caitlin didn't fall asleep during the movie.  When Aunt Stacie got up to turn off the movie, Caitlin rolled over in Aunt Stacie's spot to be next to Uncle Kenny.  So the sleeping arrangements in the room were: Allison in her pack n' play, Aunt Stacie on the air mattress, and Caitlin and Uncle Kenny on the bed.  Uncle Kenny made sure to take a picture. 
If you look closely you can see Caitlin sleeping on the bed, Aunt Stacie is covered up by the blanket on the air mattress, and Allison is in the pack n' play.
During the day, everyone relaxed and played near the condo.  Caitlin enjoyed playing in the sand and the girls loved people and dog watching everyone who went by on the bike path.
Nothing beats having a big sandbox steps away from the condo

Drinking milk and watching the action on the bike path

Caitlin loved that Cousin Amie put cartoons on her computer and they had fun watching them together.

Fun with Amie and her computer

After everyone woke up from their nap, it was time to go to Seaport Village for dinner and fun.  The carousel at Seaport Village is a must!
Caitlin LOVES carousels!

There are a few stores that always get visited too. The girls had fun visiting and exploring the wooden toy store.
Amie, Caitlin, Uncle Kenny, Allison, and Aunt Stacie

Sitting on kid sized benches playing outside the wooden toy store.

Nana told Mommy that the weather was pretty chilly so they didn't stay out too late.  Plus tomorrow Uncle Kenny is taking the girls to a special surprise!  A BIG THANK YOU to Nana for taking pictures while Mommy and Daddy aren't there.

Stay tuned to see where Uncle Kenny takes everyone for a surprise tomorrow!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 4: Belmont Park Rides and Games

Day 4: Belmont Park Fun
Today was our 4th day in San Diego, but it was Mommy and Daddy's last day because they have to go back to work tomorrow.  Mommy and Daddy scheduled a late flight so they could enjoy a full day in San Diego.  We decided to walk to Belmont Park, only two blocks away from our condo, and enjoy the rides and games.
Relaxing while waiting for everyone to get ready

Is it time to go yet?

Little Luau Princess Allison

Little California Girl

Mommy and Caitlin walking to the park

Daddy and Caitlin on the carousel (This is the 1st ride of 5 carousel rides)

Aunt Stacie having fun with the girls on the carousel

Daddy and Caitlin giving Mommy their best princess wave

Daddy and Caitlin ready to ride the Crazy Submarine ride

Caitlin and Daddy are driving the submarine (If you look you can see Daddy in the first window on the left)
Mommy and Caitlin playing the bongo drum game

Caitlin won this cute doggy for beating Mommy on the bongo drums

After having fun outdoors, we went inside to play games and win tickets!  Everyone had fun playing games, especially my Ninos!
Daddy and Caitlin playing a monkey game, while Nina Karen cheers them on

Nina Karen and Caitlin worked as a team to whack the Batman characters

Uncle Kenny and Nina Karen worked as a team to whack the Batman characters too.  Afterwards, Nana and Mommy worked as a team.  Nana and Mommy beat Uncle Kenny and Nina Karen, but no one took pictures of Mommy and Nana playing the game.

After the games, we traded in a bundle of tickets for fun little prizes.  Mommy and Daddy had fun on their last day in San Diego.  Caitlin and Mommy went home to take a nap, while Daddy, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, and Cousin Amie went to some of the fun little bars by the beach.  Caitlin was still napping when it was time for Mommy and Daddy to head to the airport.  She woke up when we were flying and supposedly didn't ask for us.

Stay tuned to see the fun Caitlin had without us!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nana and Nina Nina Dia's 70th Birthday in San Diego

Happy 70th Birthday Nana and Nina Nina Dia!
Nana and Nina Nina Dia's birthday is the reason we are in San Diego for a week.  When we asked them how they wanted to celebrated, they told us they wanted to be at the ocean and so we are.  Nana wanted all of us to be together today and just have a fun relaxing day at the condo.  Our day started by going to church with the birthday girls.  Afterwards we went to the grocery store to pick out their birthday dinner.  Nana and Nina Nina Dia decided they wanted to grill hamburgers and hot dogs along with corn on the cob.  We bought all the grilling necessities and of course a birthday cake!  Daddy made chorizo and eggs for breakfast.  The day then consisted of bike rides, fun in the sand, kite flying, naps, playing games, and simply relaxing.
Caitlin and Allison enjoying breakfast on the patio

The view of the bay from our condo

The girls and their Shamus ready for a bike ride with Aunt Stacie

Aunt Stacie ready to roll with her girls

Grammy Linda and Daddy enjoying the weather

Fun in the sand!

Daddy's sand castle helper

The girls, still in their jammies, having fun with the sand

Caitlin and Allison had fun knocking down Daddy and Uncle Kenny's castle

Nina Nina Dia, Nino Joe, and Nana playing cards

Caitlin helping Daddy build his word on the Scrabble board

Nana and Caitlin playing cards

Allison helping Nina Nina Dia play cards

Mommy and Nina Karen taking a Scrabble break

Having fun running in the grass
Practicing her soccer moves

Daddy ready to grill while enjoying a cigar

Aunt Stacie ready to fly her ladbug kite

Look at the ladybug kite flying

Uncle Kenny, Grammy Linda, Nana, and Daddy

Nana taking a little puff on her birthday :)

Grandpa Gary posing with the kite

Nina Karen, Nino Joe, Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Daddy, Grammy Linda, and Uncle Kenny enjoying the birthday fun

Nina Karen taking a little puff

Running to help Aunt Stacie fly the kite

Pretty girl burying her feet in the sand

Daddy and Aunt Stacie enjoying cigars while grilling

Mommy and Daddy

A Hurley family photo

Nana and Nina Nina Dia's birthday cake with twin hula girls

The girls are ready to sing and help blow out the candles

Helping Nana and Nina Nina Dia blow out their candles

Caitlin and her Ninos

Our best attempt at a group shot using the timer on the camera.  It tooks us several tries and we couldn't stop laughing.
A perfect end to a birthday bash is the firework show from Sea World!

We hope Nana and Nina Nina Dia enjoyed their birthday celebration!  Stay tuned to see how we celebrate the rest of the week!