Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bay during the day and Seaport Village at night

Day 5: Playing by the bay during the day and fun at Seaport Village at night

Mommy called Nana this morning to see how Caitlin's night went. Nana told Mommy that Caitlin never asked for Mommy or Daddy.  Caitlin slept in Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie's room to have a sleep over.  They played a movie for Caitlin on their computer, but Caitlin didn't fall asleep during the movie.  When Aunt Stacie got up to turn off the movie, Caitlin rolled over in Aunt Stacie's spot to be next to Uncle Kenny.  So the sleeping arrangements in the room were: Allison in her pack n' play, Aunt Stacie on the air mattress, and Caitlin and Uncle Kenny on the bed.  Uncle Kenny made sure to take a picture. 
If you look closely you can see Caitlin sleeping on the bed, Aunt Stacie is covered up by the blanket on the air mattress, and Allison is in the pack n' play.
During the day, everyone relaxed and played near the condo.  Caitlin enjoyed playing in the sand and the girls loved people and dog watching everyone who went by on the bike path.
Nothing beats having a big sandbox steps away from the condo

Drinking milk and watching the action on the bike path

Caitlin loved that Cousin Amie put cartoons on her computer and they had fun watching them together.

Fun with Amie and her computer

After everyone woke up from their nap, it was time to go to Seaport Village for dinner and fun.  The carousel at Seaport Village is a must!
Caitlin LOVES carousels!

There are a few stores that always get visited too. The girls had fun visiting and exploring the wooden toy store.
Amie, Caitlin, Uncle Kenny, Allison, and Aunt Stacie

Sitting on kid sized benches playing outside the wooden toy store.

Nana told Mommy that the weather was pretty chilly so they didn't stay out too late.  Plus tomorrow Uncle Kenny is taking the girls to a special surprise!  A BIG THANK YOU to Nana for taking pictures while Mommy and Daddy aren't there.

Stay tuned to see where Uncle Kenny takes everyone for a surprise tomorrow!

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