Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 6: Uncle Kenny's Big Surprise

'Twas the morning of Uncle Kenny's BIG SURPRISE and Caitlin and Allison were both snug in their beds..... 
Sleppy little Caitlin

Sleepy little Allison

Nana carefully took Caitlin in her pajamas out of the bed and carried her to the car.  Caitlin asked Nana, " Where are you taking me Nana?" Nana replied, "Uncle Kenny is taking us to a surprise." That answered satisfied Caitlin and she happily got in her carseat.  The girls didn't sleep much more in the car.  Grammy Linda gave the girls cheerios and milk for the ride.  Up until today, Caitlin hadn't asked for Mommy or Daddy so we hadn't talked with her.  While riding in the car, Caitlin told Nana, "I want to tlak to my Mommy."  Nana called Mommy right away and boy was Mommy happy to hear her little girl on the phone.  Caitlin told Mommy that, "Uncle Kenny is taking them to a surprise but she didn't know where." When the girls were asked where they wanted Uncle Kenny to take them, they answered "Disneyland!"  Well guess what, that is exactly where Uncle Kenny took the girls for a surprise!  Mommy and Daddy were indeed jealous not to be there!

Day 6: Uncle Kenny's Big DISNEYLAND Surprise!
The girls were excited for their fun day!  Mommy called Uncle Kenny and Nana throughout the day to see how the grls were doing.  Of course they were doing great!  Uncle Kenny sent Mommy pictures on her phone throughout the day to keep her posted on the Disney activities.  Caitlin and company spent the whole day at the park!  By the end of the day, Caitlin had ridden 18 rides and loved every minute of the day!  Thanks again to everyone who took pictures so Mommy could post them!  Enjoy the photos below of Caitlin and company in Disneyland!
Aunt Stacie, Nana, Allison, Grammy Linda, and Caitlin ready for the day in the park!

Visiting Minnie's house

Caitlin and Allison with Minnie

Enjoying a tea party in Minnie's house

Aunt Stacie and Caitlin on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Nap time in the park!  The adults enjoyed a sit down, peaceful lunch while both girls slept at the same time!

Nothing better than a Mickey Mouse ice cream treat after nap time

Ready for the parade to come by

Clapping to the music. Caitlin was disappointed that she didn't get to dance in the parade like she has done in the past.  This was a new parade and they didn't have kids join in like in the previous parade.

Rocket time with Uncle Kenny!  Caitlin loves to be the pilot of the rocket.

Caitlin and Uncle Kenny on the Jungle Cruise

The girls are ready to sing in the Tike Room 

Caitlin on the carousel

Goodnight Disneyland!

After 18 rides and a full Disneyland day, you'd be sleepy too!

Do Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie look tired?


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