Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in our lives and those who play the role!
Daddy is in San Diego with his basketball team so we celebrated Father's Day on Wednesday night before he left!  We have thought of him all day and wish he were here!  We are excited for him because his team won the University of San Diego Team Camp tournament today!  Way to go Daddy!  Daddy is very busy during the month of June with basketball, but he takes every extra moment he has to be an AWESOME Daddy to Caitlin!  Mommy loves the bond that Caitlin and Daddy have.  Below are photos from Wednesday night and afterwards are photos from today!
Caitlin was more interested in helping Daddy open his present than his cards

Caitlin and Daddy

Wrapping paper is always fun to play with

After church today, we went to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie's house for a yummy breakfast and play time!  Caitlin and Allison had fun playing together inside and outside!  We all enjoyed visiting, relaxing, watching golf, and receiving basketball updates from Daddy!
Poppy, Grandpa Gary, Allison, and Uncle Kenny (Caitlin wasn't in the mood for pictures)

Caitlin helping Uncle Kenny read his cards

A quick pose for Mommy before changing into play clothes

Allison loves wearing shoes! She is in her Daddy's shoes today!

Storytime with Mommy/Aunt Patti

It's fun to ride on the legs of Grandpa Gary and Uncle Kenny

Happy girls having fun!

Clapping after the ride

Time to switch and ride again!

Princess Caitlin in her high heels

After we left Uncle Kenny's house, Caitlin slept from 3:30-7:30.  We ate Father's Day dinner at our house with Nana, Poppy, Nina Nina Dia, Uncle Paul, and Grandpa.  Daddy didn't come home until late because he won the championship game today!  What a great day celebrating our Dads!

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