Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coach Caitlin, Daddy's new assistant coach

This is Daddy's last week of Summer basketball!  Tonight he started his last tournament of the Summer.  His team won their 5 o'clock game and played a second game at 6pm.  Mommy, Grandpa, and Caitlin went to cheer on Daddy and his team.  While the team warmed up for the second game, Caitlin sat next to Daddy on the bench.  Caitlin then decided that she was going to be Daddy's assistant coach for the game.  Caitlin loved sitting on the bench with the boys.  She drew plays on Daddy's clipboard, high fived the boys as they came out of the game, and even yelled at the boys on the court, just like Daddy.  Caitlin intently listened during Daddy's halftime talk and joined them in their post game huddle!  Daddy's team won the second game tonight and we wonder if his new assistant had anything to do with the win!  Caitlin loved being right next to Daddy!  We named her Coach Caitlin and talked all the way home about coaching with Daddy!  Enjoy the photos of Daddy's new assistant coach and pay attention to her many coaching stances!
Daddy and Coach Caitlin talking about strategies for the game

Drawing plays for Daddy

Yelling at the boys on the court to run a play

Checking stats while Daddy coaches the boys

Watching the game and having the same face as her players

Listening to Daddy's halftime talk

Not sure if Coach Caitlin is tired or disappointed in the referee's call

Taking a break from the bench once she knew we were going to win the game
Checking out the post-game huddle

While Daddy talked in the huddle, Grandpa and Caitlin had fun playing on the court

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