Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pizza and Games for a special reward!

If you have been following the blog, then you might recall that right before we left for San Diego Caitlin was showing interest in potty training.  Up until then she was sporadic about it and mostly was fine wearing diapers.  We aren't sure what made her want to change, but we were excited.  Mommy and Daddy knew that our trip to San Diego might put a temporary stop on potty training. While in San Diego, Caitlin had days when she wanted to use the potty and days when she just preferred a diaper.  Mommy was certain that once Caitlin was back from vacation she would want to work on potty training again!  Since Caitlin has been home from San Diego on June 3rd, she hasn't worn any diapers!  She prefers pull-ups or her panties.  Most recently these plast few days, she only wants to wear panties!  Mommy and Daddy are proud of their little girl!  She hasn't had an accident since last weekend either!  It will be nice not to worry about diapers for a least a few months before Baby Hurley arrives!  Daddy promised Caitlin that if she had a week with no diapers and no accidents he would take her to Peter Piper Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese.  Caitlin chose Peter Piper Pizza as her reward!  We went tonight and had a great time!  Way to go Caitlin on being diaper and accident free!  A big milestone reached this week! Woohoo!
Having fun driving the hot dog truck

Caitlin wanted to ride the Himalaya roller coaster ride.  She was able to ride it the first time we took her, but then the height requirements changed and she wasn't tall enough.  Today she walked up to the measurement chart and stood on her tippy toes to make herself tall enough. girl!  She actually didn't need her tippy toes to help her because she met the 38 inch requirement!  She couldn't wait to ride with Daddy! 
Ready to ride

Practicing having their hands up for the ride

"We are going to go backwards now," she told Daddy

So happy after the ride

Daddy and Caitlin rode the carousel too!  A little slower of a ride.

Princess Caitlin on the carousel

Below are two videos of the Himalaya ride!  The first video shows Caitlin and Daddy going forward and the second shows them going backward!  Note that Caitlin keeps her hands up the whole time!  Caitlin is going to love rides just like her Mommy and Daddy!

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  1. Great Job, Caitlin! We're so happy that you achieved your goal and that you chose Peter Piper Pizza to spend time with your family as a reward! We hope to see the Hurley family again soon!

    Your Friends at Peter Piper Pizza