Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Girl Helper

Caitlin loves to help do "chores" around the house.  She doesn't really care what the "chore" is as long as she gets to help.  She likes to help sweep, vacuum, throw clothes in the washer, help Daddy cut the grass, and today she added another "chore" to her list, dishes!  Nana started to wash the dishes and Caitlin quickly went and got her chair so she could climb up and be tall to help out.  Caitlin likes washing the dishes and then gives it them to Nana to rinse.  Having a big girl helper around the house is pretty nice!  Let's see how long Caitlin will continue to like "chores."
Scrubbing her cup while Nana rinses her bowl

"Here you go Nana!"

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