Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Time = Swim Time

This is Mommy's first week off of work!  Caitlin couldn't wait for Mommy to be home all the time and Mommy loves being home too!  Nana takes care of Allison during the day and comes over to play with us!  This week we went swimming each afternoon!  The girls know the routine!  Swimsuits, sunscreen, floaties, towels, Aunt Patti, Nana, cameras, and it's swim time!  Caitlin wants to be a big swimmer and practices everyday without her floaties.  She is getting better each day.  Allison wants to do whatever her big cousin does.  So, when Caitlin jumps off the diving board, Allison tries it too!  Mommy loves being home with the girls!
Nana and Allison ready to swim

Our little fish

Play time in the pool

The girls love Mommy/Aunt Patti to hold both of them at the same time

The girls love to race in their rafts

Caitlin ready to splash

Noodles are always fun in the pool

Getting out of the pool is not always as fun!  It has been windy so it is a little chilly for the girls when they get out.  Mommy always sets up a nice warm bubble bath for the girls after swim time.  Mommy makes sure to rinse all the chlorine off!  Nana and Mommy work as a team to get the girls dressed after the bath.  If the girls haven't had lunch, then they eat after the bath.  If the girls have had lunch, then they take a nap.  This week both girls have wanted to sleep on Mommy.  This is unusual for Allison, but this week she has wanted to be with her Aunt Patti all the time! In fact, Allison has told Nana this week that she wants Aunt Patti to change her, Aunt Patti to feed her, etc. It's tough being the favorite aunt:).  Below is a photo of what nap time has looked like this week!  Everyone takes a nap together! 

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