Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cars 2

A hot Summer Sunday is a perfect day for the movies! Today we went to see Cars 2!  Caitlin couldn't wait to be with Allison at her first movie.  The girls had fun getting popcorn and getting settled in their seats.  The movie had a plot that was a little too sophisticated for the girls, but they still enjoyed seeing Lightning McQueen and Mater!  Caitlin only asked to go to the potty three times during the movie, which was pretty good for this being our first movie without diapers.  Caitlin and Allison can't wait until the Pooh movie comes out in July!
Ready to see Cars 2

Caitlin, Uncle Kenny, Allison, Aunt Stacie, and Chango ready for the movies

Posing since it's Allison's first movie

Best Friends ready to buy snacks

After the movie, the girls had fun playing in the arcade! 
Air hockey is fun!

Allison ready to send the puck back to Caitlin

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