Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Little Dancer

One benefit to Daddy come home late last night is that he didn't have to go into work as early today.  This meant that Daddy had the chance to take Caitlin to dance class.  Caitlin was so excited for her Daddy to go and watch her.  She showed him all around the studio.  During class, Caitlin even came out to make sure Daddy was still there and that he knew she was in class :).  Daddy is so proud of his little girl and loved watching her dance.  It is important he paid attention so he knows the steps when Caitlin has him practice with her at home!
Daddy putting on his little girl's tap shoes

Daddy and his little dancer

Daddy's view of Caitlin in class. Caitlin is the one farthest away from the door with a bow in her hair.

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