Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here we roll!

While Mommy went to Bunco tonight, Daddy, Caitlin, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, and Nina Nina Dia went bowling!  This was Caitlin's first time bowling.  Caitlin was excited to go bowling.  She didn't want to have the bumpers up in the alley.  She used a ball ramp to help her send the ball down the alley and then she tried rolling the ball without the ramp.  They bowled two games, but Caitlin lost interest during the second game and wanted to explore the rest of the bowling alley.  Caitlin told Mommy that she had fun and can't wait to go bowling again.  Enjoy the photos!
After lining up the ramp, Caitlin was ready to let her ball roll!
Watching to see how many pins she knocked down

Letting her hair blow from the fan on the ball return machine.

Uncle Paul giving some bowling advice

Not a bad score for Caitlin's first time.

Nothing beats pizza from the bowling alley

Watching her ball roll down the alley and not go in the gutter!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Work Baby Shower

Mommy works with some great colleagues!  Today they threw her a baby shower for Baby Benjamin!  They new the theme of the nursery was safari sports so they kept the theme for the shower.  The homemade Mexican food was delicious.  The cupcakes were yummy too!  Baby Benjamin received great gifts and we are very grateful for the generosity! Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Nina Karen, Caitlin, and Allison joined the party too!  The girls had a blast eating cupcakes and candy.  They also were very helpful by walking around and showing off each gift that Mommy opened!  Thanks again to all Mommy's coworkers for a great shower!

Yummy snickerdoodle cupcakes made by Jennifer!  Each cupcake had a safari animal on it! 

Caitlin had fun coloring during the party.  Thanks to Auntie Reesa for supplying the paper and markers. 

Is that a mischievous face or what?

Allison had fun coloring too!

When the girls got home from the party they...... 
crashed and took a nap!  How cute are they? Same outfit and sleeping the same way too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a BOY!

That is what everyone yelled when Mommy walked into her baby shower today!  Up until today only Daddy and Aunt Stacie knew the sex of the baby.  Mommy has thought all along that it was a boy, but today she found out for sure!  Aunt Stacie threw a gender reveal shower for Mommy!  Unfortunately, Mommy doesn't have any photos of the shower on her camera.  If she finds some photos we will be sure to post them.  A special thank you to Aunt Stacie for throwing a great shower!  Thanks to all who went and gifted Baby Benjamin.  Now it's time to finish his nursery and get ready for his arrival in a month!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playdate with Mark and Matthew

Mommy taught a class today and Daddy was in California for a funeral, so Caitlin played with Nana and Poppy today.  When Mommy was finished teaching her class she called to pick Caitlin up, but Caitlin wanted to go to church with Nana and Poppy instead.  Nana told Mommy to enjoy some quiet time while Caitlin stayed with her.  Mommy went and had a relaxing pedicure while Caitlin went to church.  After church, they went to dinner where Caitlin had a blast playing with Mark and Matthew.  Mommy came to pick up Caitlin before picking up Daddy and it took Mommy twenty minutes to pull Caitlin away from the boys!  Now Caitlin asks to go to church with Nana and Poppy often and Mommy thinks it is so she can play again with the boys! A BIG THANK YOU to Nana and Poppy for watching Caitlin and allowing Mommy a little time to rest and relax!
Caitlin with Matthew and Mark

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Dance Class for the Fall

Caitlin had her first day of dance class for the fall session today!  She and Allison also started their normal weekly routine with Nana today since school is back in full swing.  The girls love Mondays because they get to spend it with Nana, Nina Nina Dia, and Nina Nina.
Happy cousins with their babies

After naptime, it was time for Caitlin's first dance class of the fall session.  Mommy was a little nervous because Caitlin's class is for 3 1/2 - 5 year olds and Caitlin won't be 3 1/2 until September.  The teacher told Mommy to put Caitlin in this class so Mommy did!  Caitlin is the youngest in the class, but she fit right in!  Mommy's heart melts while watching her little girl dance tap and ballet. 
Sitting at the beginning of class while the teacher takes role
Tapping toes
Dancing across the floor

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blast to the Past

Uncle Paul brought over a game for me to try out today and it brought back memories to Mommy and Daddy's childhood.  Caitlin is still a little too young to understand which buttons to push on the controller, but she had fun playing the games and laughing at the screen.  We'll let you scroll through the photos to figure out the gaming system.
Daddy helping Caitlin learn the buttons on the controller. Mommy loves the looks of concentration on their faces.

Does this photo help you to identify the game?  Just looking at this photo you might be able to get the theme song in your head.

Soon after learning about the game, Caitlin sat in her Elmo chair and was ready to play the game like a big girl!

Oh how Mommy and Daddy remember the fun the Nintendo brought to their childhood!  Seeing our daughter play games that we did when we were little brought plenty of smiles!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just another fun weekend day!

Swimming, organizing the nursery, naps, and dress up time are just some of the things that we accomplished today.  Daddy and Caitlin started out the morning by doing yard work.  Nothing beats pool time after working in the yard.  Caitlin came in the house and told Mommy to join her and Daddy in the pool.  Mommy did just that.  Nana stopped by to visit and took photos for us.
Mommy and Caitlin floating in the pool (This is one of the few photos of Mommy's belly that you'll see)
Nothing beats floating in the pool when you're 8 months pregnant
Caitlin and Daddy racing each other across the pool
Little surfer and Daddy
Caitlin swimming and pulling Daddy on the boogie board
After our fun in the sun we all took a family nap!  Mommy is especially enjoying naps these days.  When we woke up, Mommy wanted to work on the nursery.  She had Daddy and Caitlin put a closet organizer together for the nursery.  Caitlin loved helping Daddy.
Mommy's happy helpers
Caitlin finished our fun day by dressing up as Super Caitlin, her Halloween costume from last year!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chalk full of fun!

Sidewalk chalk is fun to play with, but sidewalks in Tucson are way too hot to play on in the Summer.  Thanks to the monsoons, the weather has been a little cooler and nicer to play outside in the evening.  Today when Mommy got home from work, Caitlin couldn't wait to play with the chalk outside.  When Daddy got home, he drew hopscotch squares and taught Caitlin how to play.  She thought the game was great.  Caitlin liked Daddy and Poppy playing hopscotch with her!  We can't wait for the temperatures to drop a little more so that we can enjoy more of our day outside and have fun with chalk!
Coloring on the driveway

Practicing playing hopscotch

Caitlin counted the squares while hopping on them

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little artists

Caitlin and Allison love spending weekdays together. Nana says that the girls play great together and really are best friends.  Today the girls wanted to color and draw.  Luckily the easel has two sides so each girl has there own artist space.  Nana does her best to take photos for us while we are at work so we can see their daily activities.  
Busy little artists - Caitlin is concentrating too much to look at the camera

Caitlin took a moment to look at the camera, but Allison was thinking about her drawing and couldn't look at the same time :)
Eventually the girls decided to work together

When Mommy gets home from work, Nana makes Mommy sit and put her feet up.  Our baby's due date is in a little over a month and Mommy is feeling great.  Nana wants to make sure of that so she makes Mommy rest.  When the girls wake up from their nap, they love to lay on Mommy.
Allison enjoying laying on Aunt Patti with Chango too!

Caitlin then joined in on the fun! Mommy loves her girls and can't wait to add a third baby to the mix!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pool time with G.G.

Caitlin and Allison love pool time!  Today they had a special guest swim with them.  G.G. came over to enjoy watching the girls swim.  G.G. didn't swim, but sat on the steps and played with the girls!  This brought back memories for Mommy from when she was little and used to swim and play in the pool with Grandma and Grandpa.  Having G.G. as our neighbor means that she gets to see her grandkids and great-grandkids much more which is a bonus for everyone! 
G.G. and her favorite great granddaughters

The girls having fun with Daddy