Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little artists

Caitlin and Allison love spending weekdays together. Nana says that the girls play great together and really are best friends.  Today the girls wanted to color and draw.  Luckily the easel has two sides so each girl has there own artist space.  Nana does her best to take photos for us while we are at work so we can see their daily activities.  
Busy little artists - Caitlin is concentrating too much to look at the camera

Caitlin took a moment to look at the camera, but Allison was thinking about her drawing and couldn't look at the same time :)
Eventually the girls decided to work together

When Mommy gets home from work, Nana makes Mommy sit and put her feet up.  Our baby's due date is in a little over a month and Mommy is feeling great.  Nana wants to make sure of that so she makes Mommy rest.  When the girls wake up from their nap, they love to lay on Mommy.
Allison enjoying laying on Aunt Patti with Chango too!

Caitlin then joined in on the fun! Mommy loves her girls and can't wait to add a third baby to the mix!

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