Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chalk full of fun!

Sidewalk chalk is fun to play with, but sidewalks in Tucson are way too hot to play on in the Summer.  Thanks to the monsoons, the weather has been a little cooler and nicer to play outside in the evening.  Today when Mommy got home from work, Caitlin couldn't wait to play with the chalk outside.  When Daddy got home, he drew hopscotch squares and taught Caitlin how to play.  She thought the game was great.  Caitlin liked Daddy and Poppy playing hopscotch with her!  We can't wait for the temperatures to drop a little more so that we can enjoy more of our day outside and have fun with chalk!
Coloring on the driveway

Practicing playing hopscotch

Caitlin counted the squares while hopping on them

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