Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playdate with Mark and Matthew

Mommy taught a class today and Daddy was in California for a funeral, so Caitlin played with Nana and Poppy today.  When Mommy was finished teaching her class she called to pick Caitlin up, but Caitlin wanted to go to church with Nana and Poppy instead.  Nana told Mommy to enjoy some quiet time while Caitlin stayed with her.  Mommy went and had a relaxing pedicure while Caitlin went to church.  After church, they went to dinner where Caitlin had a blast playing with Mark and Matthew.  Mommy came to pick up Caitlin before picking up Daddy and it took Mommy twenty minutes to pull Caitlin away from the boys!  Now Caitlin asks to go to church with Nana and Poppy often and Mommy thinks it is so she can play again with the boys! A BIG THANK YOU to Nana and Poppy for watching Caitlin and allowing Mommy a little time to rest and relax!
Caitlin with Matthew and Mark

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