Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here we roll!

While Mommy went to Bunco tonight, Daddy, Caitlin, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, and Nina Nina Dia went bowling!  This was Caitlin's first time bowling.  Caitlin was excited to go bowling.  She didn't want to have the bumpers up in the alley.  She used a ball ramp to help her send the ball down the alley and then she tried rolling the ball without the ramp.  They bowled two games, but Caitlin lost interest during the second game and wanted to explore the rest of the bowling alley.  Caitlin told Mommy that she had fun and can't wait to go bowling again.  Enjoy the photos!
After lining up the ramp, Caitlin was ready to let her ball roll!
Watching to see how many pins she knocked down

Letting her hair blow from the fan on the ball return machine.

Uncle Paul giving some bowling advice

Not a bad score for Caitlin's first time.

Nothing beats pizza from the bowling alley

Watching her ball roll down the alley and not go in the gutter!

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