Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just another fun weekend day!

Swimming, organizing the nursery, naps, and dress up time are just some of the things that we accomplished today.  Daddy and Caitlin started out the morning by doing yard work.  Nothing beats pool time after working in the yard.  Caitlin came in the house and told Mommy to join her and Daddy in the pool.  Mommy did just that.  Nana stopped by to visit and took photos for us.
Mommy and Caitlin floating in the pool (This is one of the few photos of Mommy's belly that you'll see)
Nothing beats floating in the pool when you're 8 months pregnant
Caitlin and Daddy racing each other across the pool
Little surfer and Daddy
Caitlin swimming and pulling Daddy on the boogie board
After our fun in the sun we all took a family nap!  Mommy is especially enjoying naps these days.  When we woke up, Mommy wanted to work on the nursery.  She had Daddy and Caitlin put a closet organizer together for the nursery.  Caitlin loved helping Daddy.
Mommy's happy helpers
Caitlin finished our fun day by dressing up as Super Caitlin, her Halloween costume from last year!

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