Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blast to the Past

Uncle Paul brought over a game for me to try out today and it brought back memories to Mommy and Daddy's childhood.  Caitlin is still a little too young to understand which buttons to push on the controller, but she had fun playing the games and laughing at the screen.  We'll let you scroll through the photos to figure out the gaming system.
Daddy helping Caitlin learn the buttons on the controller. Mommy loves the looks of concentration on their faces.

Does this photo help you to identify the game?  Just looking at this photo you might be able to get the theme song in your head.

Soon after learning about the game, Caitlin sat in her Elmo chair and was ready to play the game like a big girl!

Oh how Mommy and Daddy remember the fun the Nintendo brought to their childhood!  Seeing our daughter play games that we did when we were little brought plenty of smiles!

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