Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Tailgate of the Season

While Daddy is in San Diego for a wedding, Caitlin and Mommy went to the first UofA tailgate of the football season.  It was pretty hot outside today so Mommy wasn't sure about going since the baby is due in 20 DAYS!  Caitlin really wanted to go so when we went to drop Nana and Nina Nina Dia at the tailgate we decided to join them.  Caitlin had fun playing with other kids at the tailgate, eating carrots and dip, and eating Eegees to keep cool.  Mommy stayed in the shade as much as possible.  After about an hour and a half, Mommy decided it was time to get out of the heat.  Caitlin and Mommy came home to take a nap, eat dinner, and watch the football game in their jammies.  Caitlin can't wait for the next tailgate and Mommy thinks it might be her only tailgate of the season depending on when Baby Benjamin is born.  The three photos below show Caitlin's frisbee techniques.
Multitasking - throwing a frisbee while holding on to her fan with the other hand
Releasing the frisbee

Watching how far the frisbee goes while getting ready to fan herself

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