Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
We went to Texas Roadhouse tonight to celebrate Grandpa's birthday!  Caitlin loves Texas Roadhouse because she can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor.  Caitlin is good at opening the shells by herself.  She finds unique ways such as: pressing a small plate on top of the shell to crack it open or pressing the shell on the edge of the table.  Caitlin knows exactly where the peanuts are in the restaurant and often takes a few as we leave to go home.
Although the photo is dark, it is too cute not to post Caitlin posing while waiting for our table

She took a quick break from the peanuts to pose for the camera

When we were seated, Caitlin decided she wanted to sit in between Uncle Paul and Grandpa!   
Caitlin and Grandpa, the birthday boy!

Another reason Caitlin likes Texas Roadhouse is because the staff yells "Yee-Haw" when it's someone's birthday.  Caitlin made sure to tell our waitress that it was Grandpa's birthday.  This meant that Grandpa had to sit on a saddle so everyone could yell Yee-Haw in honor of his birthday.  Caitlin sat with Grandpa on the saddle. 
Caitlin was happy to hold the birthday sundae while sitting on the saddle

Uncle Paul and Caitlin enjoying Grandpa's birthday dinner

Grandpa shared his ice cream with Caitlin

Caitlin wanted to pose with Grandpa outside before we left to go home

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