Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simply Sleepy Sunday!

We all survived our first night with Benjamin home.  Baby Benjamin woke up to be nursed about every hour or hour and a half.  Needless to say, Mommy was quite sleepy today.  Sunday is a perfect day to relax and sleep while we watched football and cheered on our fantasy football teams.  Mommy's team is undefeated so far.  Today we decided to all lay low, stay in our jammies, and just bond as a family!  It was a perfect day!
Happy to take a nap in Mommy's arms!

Our only visitor of the day was G.G.  She comes over every day to visit her great grandkids!  Today she played with Caitlin and surprised all of us when she got down on the floor and played in the tent with Caitlin.  Remember she is almost 91 years old! 
Caitlin and G.G. playing in the tent (Caitlin's facial expression is priceless!)

We decided to let Benjamin have some tummy time in the evening and Caitlin was excited to have play time with her little brother.  We laid him on his comforter and played until he was hungry again.  At one point, Caitlin asked Daddy to hold Benjamin's hand while she held his other hand so she could teach him to walk.  We then had to explain to Caitlin that Benjamin won't be w alking for quite awhile and the reasons why.  Seeing Caitlin play and talk with her brother is priceless! 
Big sister adoring her little brother

Caitlin wanted to compare the size of her foot with her brother's foot

Daddy and his kids!

Just relaxing

As bedtime drew near, Mommy read a story to both kids!  Caitlin loves storytime at night and is teaching Benjamin at an early age!

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