Friday, September 16, 2011

Benjamin's special visitors

Mommy, Daddy, and Benjamin all survived the first night!  Benjamin slept in three hour increments for part of the night which was nice!  We were moved to our new room last night at 9pm.  This morning we were moved to a different room so we had a view other than a wall!  Our new room had a view of the mountains and the helipad so we saw the helicopters land and take off from the hospital all day and night.  We had so many visitors today it is hard to keep count!  The morning was filled with visitors from the hospital.  Because UMC is a teaching hospital, we had more visitors than usual.  Three pediatricians came in to tell us that Benjamin was doing great!  Mommy's doctor came in, lactation consultants came in, the photographer came in, the nurses came in, the birth certificate lady came in, and Mommy might be forgetting some of the others that came in. 

Aunt Stacie and Allison were are first visitors of the day!  Mommy was happy to shower while Aunt Stacie and Allison babysat!  Nana and Caitlin then came to visit and enjoy lunch with us!  Caitlin thought it was great to have lunch delivered to our room on big trays!  Caitlin enjoyed eating lunch with Mommy on her bed!  Seeing Caitlin interact with Baby Benjamin brings pure joy!  She loves her baby brother and wants to be by him at all times.  She loves to gently touch his head, kiss him, and today she wanted to sing to him!  Mommy caught the singing on video! Enjoy Caitlin singing It's a Small World to Benjamin below!

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to enjoy many more special moments with Caitlin and Benjamin.
Happy Hurley Family

Our visitors continued throughout the day!  Auntie Reesa, Mommy's friend, came to visit.  She enjoyed holding and cuddling with Benjamin. 
Auntie Reesa and Benjamin

We had a break in between visitors and all of us took a nap!  The nurse even put a "Do not disturb" sign on our door!  Our nap was pure bliss!  After nap time we were ready for more visitors.  Grammy Linda and Grandpa Gary came down from Phoenix to meet Benjamin.  Grammy Linda couldn't wait to hold Benjamin.  Aunt Stacie and Allison came back to see us too! 
Grandpa Gary, Grammy Linda, and Benjamin

Allison loves holding and talking to Benjamin.  She sat with Aunt Patti to hold the baby.  A helicopter landed on the helipad while Allison was holding Benjamin and she told him to look outside to see the helicopter!  It is adorable to hear the girls expalin things to the baby.

Our visitors continued through the evening.  The Derksen family came to visit.  Nana, Poppy, Grandpa, and Caitlin came to visit too!  We had a full day and are blessed with all the family and friends who came to visit!  We are happy to have such a healthy baby boy!  We hope to have another good night and look forward to going home tomorrow! 
Mommy and Benjamin ready for bed!

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