Friday, September 30, 2011

Circus Fun!

Tonight Caitlin, Allison, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, Nana, Poppy, and Nina Nina Dia went to the Sabbar Shrine Circus.  We were curious to see how Caitlin would last because after going to Benjamin's doctor's appointment today she played nine holes of golf with her Daddy and his golf team.  Without a nap, we were sure she wouldn't make it through the circus, but she proved us wrong.  She did sleep in Nana's car on the way to the circus, but once she saw Allison, Uncle Kenny, and Aunt Stacie she was full of energy and ready to play.  Everyone loved the circus.  The animals were great and the girls had the chance to get close to the animals.  Aunt Stacie and the girls rode an elephant.  This was Caitlin's second elephant ride this year so she knew what to do.  The girls also had fun on a large inflatable slide!  All in all it was a great night of fun!  Mommy and Daddy stayed home with baby Benjamin.  When Caitlin got home she told us all about the circus and all the animals she saw. 
Caitlin and Allison with a silly clown
Taking a group photo isn't always easy!  Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie with their favorite girls.
Elephant ride!  Caitlin is riding like a big girl and Aunt Stacie is holding on tight to Allison.
Aunt Stacie, Allison, Caitlin, Uncle Kenny smiling with James who is our friend and is a Sabbar Shriner

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