Monday, September 5, 2011

Golf Practice

Caitlin and Uncle Paul joined Daddy today at his Golf Team's practice.  Caitlin loved hanging with the boys on Labor Day!  Caitlin has her own clubs, but Daddy says they are still a little too big and that Caitlin needs smaller clubs.  Caitlin still managed to have fun hitting the ball, watching Daddy and Uncle Paul practice, and practicing her putting skills. 
Her back swing needs work, but isn't bad considering her clubs were too big

Setting her ball up on the tee (back view)

Setting her ball up on the tee (front view)

Uncle Paul giving golfing tips

After practicing on the driving range, it was time to practice putting.  Caitlin's first putt was five feet from the hole and she got the ball in on her first try!  She was very excited about it! 
Holding the pin on the putting practice green

Caitlin was a little tired after awhile and ready to go home.  She took the camera from Daddy and took some close up self portraits.  This was Mommy's favorite!

Caitlin plans to go golfing soon with her Daddy after practicing today!

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