Friday, September 9, 2011

A special lunch treat

Today Aunt Stacie took the girls for a special lunch treat at Peter Piper Pizza.  Caitlin and Allison were excited to play together.  Nana, Nina Nina Dia, and Aunt Stacie said that Fridays at 11am is a perfect time to go to Peter Piper Pizza because it was not very busy and the girls had the run of the place.  The girls enjoyed climbing in the play area and sliding down the slide.  They also rode their favorite teacup ride and the carousel.  Caitlin and Aunt Stacie rode the Hurricane coaster.  Thanks for a fun lunch treat Aunt Stacie, Nana, and Nina Nina Dia!
Best Friends!
Happy girl on the slide
Blowing kisses to the crowd
Fun times bowling - notice Allison decided to get a little closer to the targets
Say Cheese!
Dance Dance Revolution toddler style
Playing the drums with Nina Nina Dia
Games are fun for the adults too!

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