Thursday, September 15, 2011

Benjamin Jr.'s Birthday!

Benjamin's birth story continued............
After Mommy's water was broken at 11:55pm last night, she her contractions got much stronger.  At around 12:05am Mommy started to push.  Mommy prayed for a quick and healthy delivery since yesterday brought a few scares.  At 12:13am, our healthy baby boy, Benjamin Wade Jr. was born!  Baby Benjamin was alert from the moment he was born!  He opened his eyes and looked all around and then he cried!  There is nothing better than hearing the baby's cry for the first time.  The nurse quickly cleaned Benjamin up and then it was time to cuddle with him for the first time!  While everyone held Benjamin, Mommy was told she could order something to eat!  This sounded great to Mommy who hadn't eaten since 7am yesterday.  Mommy could only order breakfast items so she ordered french toast, eggs, and fresh strawberries!  Mommy ate her breakfast around 2:30am and then Daddy, Mommy, and Benjamin went to sleep.  Benjamin spoiled us and let us sleep for four hours straight!  There weren't any available rooms in the mom and baby unit so we stayed in the labor and delivery room for the whole day!  We had visitors throughout the day!  Benjamin was great on his first day!  He would eat, sleep, and when he was awake he was a content little man!  We were finally moved to another room at 9:30pm.  Once we were settled in, Daddy and Mommy were ready for bed!  Since Baby Benjamin was born in the wee hours of the morning it felt like it was our second night with him, but it was really going to be our first!  We hoped for a great night and we hope for many more to come!  We LOVE our newest addition to the family!  Enjoy the photos of his BIRTHday!   
Benjamin Wade Jr.
September 15, 2011
7 lbs. 4 oz.  20 1/2 inches

Daddy keeping an eye on his little boy while they clean him up

This face says, "What just happened to me?"
Sticking his tongue out at the nurses
Just stretching and chilling
Time to take his footprints
Daddy holding his new bundle of joy for the first time!
Proud Mommy and Benjamin with her awesome nurse, Katie, and her awesome doctor and friend, Dr. Valenzuela
Mommy waited nine months for this
Nina Nina Dia meeting her new great nephew
Aunt Stacie and her little man
Poppy holding his grandson
We couldn't have done it without Dr. Valenzuela!
Nina Nina meeting her great nephew (she guessed the exact time Benjamin would be born)

Grandma Edie
Grandpa holding the 1st Hurley great grandson
Uncle Paul holding his little nephew
Benjamin's first bath!
Mommy and Daddy aren't sure why the nurse used the little sink when there was a much bigger one in the room

Caitlin came to meet her baby brother after breakfast!  She and Allison had a slumber party at our house with Uncle Kenny last night!  The girls were excited to meet the baby and we couldn't wait to see their expressions when meeting Banjamin for the first time!
The girls wanted to touch the baby and told him he was cute.
Four generations - G.G., Poppy, Mommy, and Benjamin
Our peaceful bundle of joy
Our first family photo!
Mommy and her kids!
Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, Uncle Joe, and Benjamin
Happy girls

Proud Nana and her grandson

Nina Karen held Benjamin while Caitlin read to him
Uncle Joe and little Benjamin
Caitlin kissing her little brother
Daddy's basketball team came to visit and brought Benjamin his own basketball so he could start practicing
Caitlin never left Benjamin's side at the hospital!  She is going to be a great big sister!

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  1. What a beautiful baby!!!! I would love to get together with our little ones:-)