Saturday, October 1, 2011

A day of family fun, Halloween decor, and bath adventure

Our day started by watching the UofA football team lose again! Everyone came over for food, football, and fun!  The game actually ended with a close score but it was not a pretty game to watch.  After our game we watched the baseball playoffs. Having the house full of family makes for a fun day!
Cousin Amie meeting Benjamin for the first time

It's October 1st and that means it is time to decorate for Halloween!  Caitlin couldn't wait to put her "friends" up.  Her "friends" are the inflatables that we put up in the front yard.  Poppy started the decorating by putting up a pirate ship and lights at GG's house.  Mommy loves to decorate for the holidays!  Our decorating has caught on with our neighbors as we have many houses on our street with Halloween decorations!  The countdown to trick-or-treating begins!
GG's pirate ship

Grandpa, Uncle Paul, and Caitlin checking out GG's decorations
Caitlin ready to help Daddy put her "friends" up

Benjamin enjoyed all the company today!  He was held by many and also took time out to relax in his swing.  He isn't too sure about the swing, but seems to like it more and more each day.
Look at Benjamin's little foot sticking out :)

Mommy decided it would be fun to give Benjamin his first bath with everyone there.  Benjamin didn't think it would be as fun!  Nana took photos while Uncle Paul videoed.  Baby Benjamin wanted a quick bath and let us know it by his cries.  We know that by his second or third bath he'll think differently about bath time and enjoy it.
Mommy testing the water before filling the bathtub
Unhappy little boy in the bath!  Caitlin tried her best to soothe her baby brother, but he didn't care. 

Today was a great day filled with family and fun!  Stay tuned to future posts to see if Benjamin's attitude toward the bath have changed.  Mommy bets that they will!

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