Thursday, October 13, 2011

Benjamin's first trip to the zoo

We decided to take the girls to the zoo today.  Aunt Debra, Nina Nina Dia, Nana, Nina Nina, Amie, and Uncle Kenny joined us too!  This was Benjamin's first trip to the zoo.  He slept most of the time except to nurse and then fell back asleep.  We had fun seeing all the animals.  The lion cubs were the hit of the trip.  They were very playful and fun to watch.  Caitlin and Allison also liked watching the otters.  Our zoo isn't large, but it is the perfect size for toddlers!  Enjoy our photos!
Caitlin and Allison posing on the peacock in front of the zoo

Baby Benjamin sleeping as we entered the zoo

Allison and Caitlin noticing that Uncle Kenny came to join us!  Love their facial expressions.

Hello there Ms. Peacock

Caitlin watching the rhinoceros ready to take a mud bath

Silly girl posing on the turtle statue

Pretty girl taking a break

Amie and Caitlin petting a bearded dragon

The playful lion cub and his mommy

Lion cub ready to play ball

Baby Benjamin as we are leaving the zoo

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