Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning exercise and evening routine

Mommy is really enjoying being off work and having time to spend with both Benjamin and Caitlin.  We have gotten into a fun routine in the morning.  We wait for Nana and Allison to arrive and then we head out for our morning exercise as Caitlin calls it.  Mommy and Nana walk, while the girls ride their tricycles or push their babies in their strollers.  Benjamin enjoys our stroll while riding in his stroller.  He often takes his morning nap while we are out.  After our walk we visit GG next door.  The girls know that GG always has a cookie for them and they think that's the best treat after our walk. Mommy will miss these morning when she goes back to work, but is cherishing them right now!
Caitlin is ready to ride

Allison is right behind her riding Aunt Patti's tricycle

Benjamin is asleep before we hit the end of the block

The girls ditched their tricycles today and decided to walk their babies

So fun to see them play together and have little conversations

Cookie time at GG's

Caitlin asked Mommy to take this photo of her posing with the cookie

GG enjoys holding and talking to Benjamin

GG, Caitlin, and Benjamin

Caitlin and her baby posing with Sandy, GG's stuffed dog

Our evening routine includes bath time! Caitlin loves her bath and has loved it since she was little.  Benjamin enjoys his bath too!  The warm water calms and soothes him.  He doesn't care for getting out of the bath too much, but is getting better.  Caitlin loves helping out with bath time.  She often brings some of her bath toys to Benjamin. 
Just relaxing in the bath water

He likes to kick his legs and splash

If he could talk he would say, "Mommy this feels good."

Benjamin knows his sister and follows her voice

Caitlin likes to pour water on Benjamin

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