Friday, October 28, 2011

Howl-o-ween Fun Night at the Zoo

We started our weekend of fun at the zoo for Howl-o-ween!  This was our first time trick-or-treating at the zoo and we didn't know what to expect.  Mommy bought our tickets in advance and that is the best recommendation we can make to anyone wanting to go!  We didn't have to wait in the LONG line of people having to buy tickets before entering.  Once in the zoo, there is a path that they have us follow and there are a variety of stops for the children to trick-or-treat.  None of the animals were out for viewing, but we did spot the two elephants!  Caitlin had a blast carrying her kettle and trick-or-treating.  Benjamin enjoyed looking at all the lights and will get to enjoy some candy next year!  We all had a great time and will definitely make this part of our Halloween tradition!
This Princess Witch is ready to trick-or-treat

Happy Hurley Family 

The witch and the grouch :)

Always a fun sign

Trick-or-treating started as soon as we entered

Fun displays throughout the zoo

Mommy, Nana, and Benjamin

Looking all over as the zoo looks different than when we were here a few weeks ago

Looking to see if she can see the tiger

Love how she is hanging on to this to look around the corner. She never realized there was a skeleton in there.

The pirate themed area was excellent

Caitlin said "Arrghhh" as she greeted the pirates

Caitlin loves pirates

This ship reminded us of the Pirates of the Carribean ride

Caitlin wasn't as excited about inflatable pirates

We spotted the elephants

Benjamin and Mommy enjoying the sites

Caitlin was great at saying trick-or-treat and thank you

Ready for the next stop

Caitlin, Benjamin, Mommy, and Nana

Walking like a big girl

A junkin patch - pumpkins decorated with recycled materials

Caitlin took a break to ride the tractor

Caitlin didn't care for the rat (As I type this she is sitting on me telling me how much she didn't like the rat)

Daddy introduced Benjamin to the Storm Troopers 

Daddy, Caitlin, and Boba Fett

Caitlin dancing at the hoedown

Mommy joined in on the fun

Still energetic towards the end

Family photo with the Great Pumpkin

Caitlin heard music and had to stop and dance

"Mommy can you hold my hat so I can dance"

"This is fun!"

Daddy and his little witch doing the twist

Thinking about touching the snake (Daddy took this photo because Mommy doesn't do snakes)

Caitlin carefully touches the snake

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