Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Gym Party

Tonight we celebrated with Tim, one of Daddy's basketball players,  as he revealed which university he is going to attend and play basketball.  The party was held in Daddy's gym.  This was Benajmin's first party and first look at the basketball court where Daddy coaches.  We have known Tim since he was Caitlin's age and now he is in his senior year in high school.  It was fun to see Tim excited about college.  Everyone was happy to meet little Benjamin and see Caitlin run all over the gym.  Who knows, maybe Caitlin and Benajmin will have similar parties to reveal where they will go to college and play ball.  Congratulations Tim!  We look forward to seeing you play for the University of San Francisco!
Daddy and Benjamin

Tim, Daddy, and Benjamin

Coach Ryan was happy to hold little Benjamin

GG and Caitlin with Tim and Maggie.  GG used to be their neighbor and has watched them grow up!  We're not sure what Caitlin was thinking about in this photo.

Caitlin practicing volleyball with Maggie

Little Benjamin stared at the bright gym lights

GG, Maggie, Tim, Poppy, and Caitlin

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