Thursday, October 20, 2011

Treats from Grandpa

With the weather changing, Grandpa has decided that it is time to plant new flowers in our backyard.  Every time the season changes, Grandpa makes sure that our yard has the right flowers for the season!  Mommy appreciates Grandpa for keeping our yard beautiful throughout the year.  Grandpa lives close by and likes to walk to our house for exercise, check our plants, trim our bushes, and of course, play with the kids! 

When Grandpa visits, he always brings the kids treats!  Today he brought a healthy snack, bananas, and a not so healthy snack, donuts!  Caitlin and Allison enjoyed the snacks with Grandpa and then went in the backyard to help him work on our plants.  The girls view Grandpa as their playmate. 
 and love when he visits!
Grandpa and Benjamin having a conversation this morning

Grandpa and his favorite little people

Grandpa took a break from gardening to play softball with the girls

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