Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin picking time

We decided tonight would be a good night to pick our pumpkins.  We opted to go to the local pumpkin tent to pick our pumpkins this year since Benjamin is only 5 1/2 weeks old!  We like going to the "pumpkin patch" in town because it isn't dusty, there are plenty of pumpkins to choose from, and the kids are too young to know the difference!  Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul joined us for our adventure!  Caitlin had fun picking out pumpkins and putting them in our wagon, feeding the goats, dancing to the music, and pointing out all the Halloween decorations.  Benjamin just chilled in our arms as we pointed out pumpkins that were his size and many that were bigger than him.  Now that we have our pumpkins it's time to think about how we want to carve them.  Stay tuned for our creative results in a future post!
Daddy and Benjamin bonding after Daddy gets home from work

Caitlin quickly found a big pumpkin to pose next to

Daddy and Benjamin on his first pumpkin patch adventure

Preparing for a sibling picture

Two little Hurley pumpkins

Nana and her little pumpkin

Caitlin trying to feed the goats

There was even a donkey

A perfect little pumpkin for our little pumpkin

Caitlin's favorite small pumpkin

Caitlin stopped to dance to the music

One of many pumpkin designs throughout the patch

Another silly pumpkin design

Pulling the wagon with the pumpkins to our car!  Thanks for the pumpkins Grandpa! 

Our little family (Caitlin's apple was too good to put down)

Uncle Paul and Caitlin pretending to play pumpkin drums

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