Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Festival Fun!

Tonight Caitlin and Daddy joined Nana, Poppy, Nina Nina Dia, Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, Allison, and Amie at the Fall festival at Our Mother of Sorrows church.  We went last year and had fun and knew the girls would have fun again this year.  After eating yummy food, the girls had fun playing games, playing on the inflatable slides, and riding the little train.  Mommy and Benjamin stayed home and hoped for dessert to be brought home from the festival.  Everyone played the cake walk game, but nobody won a cake!  Caitlin had a blast at the festival and told Mommy and Benjamin all about it.  Her favorite part was climbing up the big slides and sliding down.  On one of the slides, Allison didn't want to slide down even with everyone cheering her on so Caitlin climbed up and slid down with her!  Enjoy the photos from the fun evening!
Caitlin playing the ring toss game

Up the slide they go

Allison not too sure about this and Caitlin keeps climbing

Down goes Allison

Quickly after comes Caitlin

Fun on the choo choo train

Best friends on the train

Look closely and you'll see Allison at the top of the slide not wanting to slide down

Allison and Caitlin slid down together

Time to go through the obstacle course

Ready to climb another big slide

"Here I come"

Poppy, Uncle Kenny, and Allison trying to win a cake on the cake walk

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