Thursday, October 6, 2011

Footie pajamas and a Halloween preview

With the weather a little cooler today, Mommy was excited to dress Benjamin in his footie pajamas.  Mommy loved dressing him in his monkey pjs.  Benjamin seemed to like being bundled in his footie pajamas.  He had another great day of eating and sleeping mixed with a little tummy time!  It's hard to believe Benjamin is 3 weeks old today!
Benjamin and Nina Nina Dia

Taking a nap in the swing

Tonight Mommy and Daddy took Caitlin out to dinner and shopping for her Halloween costume while Nana babysat Benjamin.  Caitlin loved having Mommy and Daddy all to herself.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Culver's and then went to three different stores looking at Halloween costumes.  Caitlin has had her mind set on being a princess for Halloween.  When asked what kind of princess she wants to be her answer is that she just wants to be a princess.  She doesn't want to be a specific Disney princess.  After three stores, we were disappointed to not find a costume.  Caitlin agreed and was willing to go home and look online for a costume.  While driving home, Mommy told Caitlin that she could wear the witch costume that her Ninos bought her for dress up.  Caitlin couldn't wait to try the costume on when we got home.  She fell in love with the costume and then decided she would be a princess witch for Halloween.  Once she was in the costume, Caitlin told Mommy that she needed a black pot of hot water to go with her costume, an apple, and a broom.  Caitlin has been watching Snow White lately and refers to the witch in the story.  Caitlin let us know that she is going to be a good witch.  Below is a preview of our princess witch! 
Our Princess Witch

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