Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!
Today was a day filled with fun and excitement!  We started our day by having a visit from Caitlin and Benjamin's Great Granny.  Daddy's Granny, Uncle Gary, and Aunt Mary came over to meet Benjamin.  Great Granny was excited to hold Benjamin, the first Hurley great grandson.  Yesterday was Great Granny's birthday so Caitlin and Allison sang happy birthday to her making her smile.  Caitlin and Benjamin are so lucky to have two Great Grandmas still living.
Great Granny introducing herself to Benjamin

Benjamin and Great Granny

After lunch and naptime, it was time for dance class.  Caitlin and her friends got to dress up for dance class.  Only four girls went to class tonight so they had a lot of one on one attention from Miss Megan.  The girls had fun dancing in their costumes! 
Practicing shuffle steps

Our little ballerina

Three princesses in a row

Caitlin and her dance friends

Once dance class was over it was time to go trick-or-treating.  We stopped at Nina Nina Dia's house before going home.
1st trick-or-treat stop - Nina Nina Dia's house

We then went back to our house to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood with Allison.  Our neighborhood was packed with trick-or-treaters.  We easily had over 200 kids come to our house.  Caitlin and Allison had fun trick-or-treating.  Caitlin also liked handing out the candy to kids that came to our house.  A special thanks to Poppy for making a scrumptious chili for dinner and to Nana for staying home with Benjamin and passing out candy while Mommy and Daddy were with Caitlin.  Next year Benjamin will get to go trick-or-treating too.
Our pumpkins lit up

Princess Witch and Jessie in front of all our pumpkins 

Cutest little witch 

Allison turning around to make sure we were coming

Caitlin pointing out the decorations

Best friends holding hands to cross the street

Ready to go to the next house

Big girls trick-or-treating

Daddy and Caitlin

So fun to watch them go to the door and say, "trick or treat." 

Moving quickly to the next house

Mommy and Uncle Kenny assuring the girls that the guy sitting behind the candy dish was just wearing a mask

Halloween is fun!

So hard to choose which candy to take

Caitlin standing in front of the pumpkin stack that was taller than the house

Mommy and Benjamin

Caitlin came home and told Benjamin all about her night

Halloween 2011 was a success!

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